Reviews – Attorney Elizabeth A. McInerny

Reviews - Family Law Attorney Elizabeth A. McInerny

Attorney Elizabeth A. McInerny

2810 Crossroads Dr #3100
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 480-6767

Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
Primary Location:
Madison, WI
Licensed Since 2015
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Attorney Elizabeth McInerny
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Hey Stacy, I do have a push back on on my experience. Its not against Elizabeth, but came about from her switching firms mid way through my divorce. We had covered the first part of my divorce needs at her previous firm and just had to finalize some details and have the final court appearance. Even though she had done at least half of the work already (and I paid for that to her old firm), I was essentially double charged by having a flat rate. I understand how that perhaps makes sense with a client that starts and ends with you, but because I had to pay the full rate coming in half way through I feel like I was double/over charged. Obviously I was aware of this when I signed the contract and I did push back at that point, but I was told I had the option to stay with the lawyer I has began my divorce with and pay the full amount, or find a new lawyer. That was an unfortunate pair of options. In any case, if you would consider that issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Take care and God bless

Nicholas M
December 4, 2019
Attorney Hired:Elizabeth McInerny

Thank you Lizzy!!

Josh P
November 11, 2019
Attorney Hired:Elizabeth McInerny
Reviews - Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Elizabeth A. McInerny
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Bar Memberships

State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2015


Marquette University Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2015)
Graduated With Honors
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Arts: English Literature (2012)

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