Attorney David Werley

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Attorney David Werley
3701 E Evergreen Dr
Ste 500A
Appleton, WI 54913
(920) 875-5155
Practice Areas:
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Primary Location:
Appleton, WI
Licensed Since 2020
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David Werley

5.0 out of 5
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About David Werley​

(also known as Dave Werley)

Everyone spends their time putting together the puzzle that is their life. We find where one piece fits here and there, but then there are those special moments when you find a key piece that sets off a chain reaction. For Attorney David Werley, one of those moments was deciding to go to law school and finding family law.

David has been passionate about practicing law with compassion and humility since going to law school. Attorneys are trained to find the facts and cut to the chase. Of course, these are important and valuable skills, but an attorney must also understand that these cases only matter because they affect people. That's why laws are created, to protect and serve people. When practicing law, David believes it is his job to do the same, to serve his clients. This belief is at the root of how he practices.

David chose family law because this is where he can best serve others. He found this passion for family law when he worked with a guardian ad litem (GAL) in law school. A GAL advocates for children in cases that affect them. David investigated situations by gathering details and speaking with both children and parents. The further he got, the more he understood just how deeply these cases impact families.

After graduating, he pursued family law and became a guardian ad litem himself. It was a rewarding experience, but eventually he wanted to do more. This is when he transitioned to the practice of family law. Now on this side of the court room, David can better help families and individuals by helping them through the entire process. His goal is to help you put back together the puzzle pieces of your life, making an even better picture than before. 

David’s experiences give him an inside look into family law cases. On the legal side, his time as a guardian ad litem taught him how to effectively advocate for his client’s best interests. He knows what the court looks for and how to best present it because he was looking for the same things.

On the personal side, David has gone through a divorce himself. Every situation is unique, but he understands what it’s like to go through these kinds of cases. With this knowledge, David makes a point never to judge his clients. Instead, he sees you as a whole person, someone in a difficult place looking to come out on the other side.

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Outside of the legal profession, David considers himself a professional instant pot chef. Not that he’s written a cookbook or anything, he just thinks it's a great way to cook. He loves that he can make a good, filling meal after a day out hiking or a weekend up north.

He’s also a lover of nachos. When David travels to a new city, he always looks at which restaurants have the best nachos. He’s even found a couple of pretty good instant pot nacho recipes of his own.

Bar Memberships

State Bar of Wisconsin 5
State Bar of Wisconsin
Admitted in 2020


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2021)
Concentration in Family Law
University of Wisconsin Law School
University of Wisconsin Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence (2021)
Concentration in Family Law
Lawrence University
Lawrence University
Bachelors in Government (2018)
Graduated Summa Cum Laude