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About Sterling Law Offices, S.C.

Sterling Lawyers is a team that focuses on being a holistic law firm that takes into account all aspects of family law. We understand that having family issues can cause anxiety and heightened emotional situations, especially if already talking about divorce and child custody.

Breaking up a family is never something that we strive to do, but in situations like divorce, it is often in the best interest of the whole family. The separation will give everyone a chance to start over.

Our team of Mukwonago divorce lawyers, Collaborative Law practitioners, mediators, and paralegals in Walworth County are knowledgeable in every aspect of family law and they understand how to go through the system.

To keep us updated with the system, we hold regular meetings to share information on changes in the strategies and law.

Our continuous learning, improving our approach, and sharing our information are the keys to successfully serving our numerous clients throughout Wisconsin for years.

We also understand that you will be financially stressed once you have decided to get a divorce. We have created a unique one-time, flat-rate fee system to avoid creating an additional burden to our clients.

This will give you relief from worrying about how many hours your attorney in Mukwonago might be spending on your case and will not get surprised with your bill at the end of your case.


Sterling Lawyers only focuses on family law. With different locations throughout Wisconsin, we have years of experience making us adept in dealing with different cases on family law that will protect your interests.

When deciding to get a divorce, there are many things to consider, including child custody and support if there are children involved, property division, pension plans, alimony, and more. Unintended tax consequences may also arise.

In this case, legal help is always recommended to be sure that things are done correctly. This is not the time to entrust your future to anyone other than to an attorney that focuses on family law.

Why? Because you can be sure that they know how to deal with it and know what they should do exactly.

Our priority is helping you and not making money from you. Having enough time to discuss every detail is vital in getting a positive outcome.

You’ll be comfortable in communicating with us and you’ll get the chance to tell us all your concerns anytime without worrying that your bill might be increasing. And in return, we’ll also give you constant updates about your case, so you won't be in the dark.

We’ll handle everything for you. Call us now or visit our office in Mukwonago.