Meet Sterling Law Offices CEO, Attorney Jeff Hughes

Sterling Law Offices co-founder and Attorney Jeff Hughes makes it his mission to change how Family Law impacts the community and its families. Jeff's core belief is simple: “When people in my community find themselves in a family legal crisis, we desperately want to serve them. They need us. So, we are obsessed with creating a modern firm that focuses on them and their families. I have this unshakable conviction that if we build a client-centered firm, we will be wildly successful. If we empower clients, we will dominate.”
Get to know Sterling Law Offices' co- founder, Attorney Jeff Hughes in this video.

Jeff graduated from Bob Jones University in 1994 with a BA in history. He earned his law degree (J.D) from Southern Illinois University School of Law in 1997 and was admitted to the Wisconsin Bar the same year. He was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2017.

Jeff is married to Winona and they have six children. Five boys and one girl. He enjoys reading, downhill skiing, playing ping pong, and loves to go fishing. The Hughes family enjoys traveling and creating as many special memories as possible.

In talking about why he co-founded Sterling Law Offices, Jeff says, “I think most lawyers actually put themselves first. They care far more about what other lawyers think of them than what clients think of them.” This is why Jeff helped to found a firm that puts the client’s needs first.

Jeff would much rather live in a world where families never broke apart. “Sadly,” Jeff says, “that is not reality. The truth is that good, loving people find themselves in a family legal crisis.” At Sterling, we empower family law clients. We believe we are called to serve the legal needs of families navigating divorce, paternity and post judgment challenges.

“I get the privilege of sitting in the top seat of the firm. That is primarily, because I got here first. I know that comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of privilege.” Jeff says, when talking about how he wants people to feel when working with him. “I want them to be able to walk away and say, my life is better, because I got to work with Jeff.”


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