Top-Rated Campton Hills Family Law Attorneys

Top-Rated Campton Hills Family Law Attorneys

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Divorce & Family Law Client Reviews

Exclusively Divorce and Family Law

No Other Practice Areas to Steal Our Attention

Most attorneys you will talk with do “a little of this and a little of that.” We work exclusively in family law. This means we are more keenly aware of the issues in divorce, child custody, support cases.

Industry Relationships that Matter

We have relationships with many of the court officials and individuals likely to be involved with your case. This includes the judges, court commissioners, guardians, social workers, accountants, financial analysts, appraisers, mediators, and other court officials.

Designed to Win at Divorce & Family Law

There are many nuances of law firms that remain invisible to clients. The structure of the firm, communication channels, compensation packages, ongoing education, research options, human resources, support staffing, technology, and various other resources all play a critical role in how responsive a firm can be to a particular type of case.

Get Attorneys Who Focus Exclusively on Family Law

Financial Certainty = Less Anxiety for YOU

Know Your Exact Case Fees

Every firm that we know of charges by the hour for a family law matter. With Sterling Law Offices you get a clear fixed fee for a specific result, no matter how long it takes.

Better Communication = Better Results

When clients hire an hourly attorney they worry about every interaction with their attorney running their costs up and up and up.

“NO Henpecking” Client Policy!

A fixed fee agreement eliminates the nickel and diming that occurs for everything from quick phone conversations, email responses, postage charges, copy charges, attorney time and mileage to and from court.

Get Clarity and Peace of Mind on Fees

The More You Know the Less You Worry

PASSION for Helping Family Law Clients

We are passionate about helping families through the difficult transiontions realted to divorce and co-parenting. Not all attorneys relish in helping clients work through this emotional anxiety ridden life transition.

Striving to Over-Communicate

Clients uniquly feel the anxiety of family law actions as their life is being upended and the process is not clear. We are on an obsessive mission to inform our clients and respond to their questions at every possible occasion. 

An Emphasis on Listening

Some attorneys are so busy they forget clients are not legal experts. Consequently most attorneys talk down to clients or assume you know all the legal mumbo jumbo. In our firm, we are constantly working and training in empathetic, compassionate listening to ensure you will be thoroughly heard at every contact point.

Get a Passionate Legal Team Dedicated to You and Your Family

Join one of our experienced family law attorneys and learn about the divorce process, common issues, and participate in a Q and A session. RSVP here.
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