Restricting Parental Responsibility (Custody) and Parenting Time (Visitation) in Illinois

Illinois has set a high standard for one parent to restrict parenting time and or parental responsibilities from the other parent. It's done only when normal parenting time is deemed to be a threat to the well-being of the child, such as endangering the child’s mental, physical, or emotional health.

The types of restrictions that are put in place by the court are varied and can range from supervision to limiting communication. A list can be found here:

  1. Reduction or elimination or parenting time and or parental responsibilities
  2. Supervision, either indefinite or for a set time frame
  3. Requiring the parent to exchange children through an intermediary
  4. Restrain the parent from communicating or being in the proximity of the other parent or child
  5. Requiring the parent to abstain from possessing or consuming nonprescription substances within a specified time before parenting time
  6. Restricting specific people from the proximity of the child during one parent’s parenting time
  7. Requiring one parent to post bond before exercising parenting time
  8. Requiring a parent to complete a treatment program
  9. Any other restriction deemed appropriate by the court

Regardless of your personal feelings about your ex-spouse, only a court can determine if it’s appropriate to restrict parenting time. If you take matters into your own hands you would be denying a court order and found in contempt of court, incurring fines and possible jail time.

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Plan ahead and be organized for court. Click this link and download a parenting plan template.

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