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Who you are: The successful Client Acquisition Specialist is someone that is detailed oriented, customer service driven and compassionate. This individual enjoys working in a fast paced environment and is a self starter.

Why this role matters:This role facilitates the sales process, helping attorneys move potential clients into clients. It is the responsibility of the Client Acquisition Specialist to turn a qualified potential client opportunity and convert them into a paying client. This is executed by following up with clients, sending out proposals, and facilitating a budding attorney client relationship. The Client Acquisition Specialist is the main point of contact for potential clients before they sign a retainer agreement with the firm.


  • Send Proposals to Potential Clients
  • Setup Payment Plans
  • Payment Processing
  • Follow up Sales Call


  • High level of professionalism and confidentiality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient computer skills; Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong organizational skills
  • 1-year prior experience working in a law firm preferred
 Pay: $40,000 – $60,000 annually
 Employment Type:  Full-Time w/Benefits
 Job Type: Inside Sales
 Education Required:  Some College
 Experience Required:  1-3 years professional

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What will Sterling Law expect of me if I join the team?

We have five major expectations to be on our team:

First… …you must be an excellent communicator, both oral and written. Along with this, you must return phone calls and emails within a very fast reasonable amount of time.
Second… …you must be a relentless advocate for our clients. This does not mean you do everything they insist. Rather, it means bringing wise judgment to every interaction so that you tirelessly advocate for our clients within our team’s values.
Third… …you must embrace and live out our values. This is something you can’t fake. You either share these values or you don’t. Life has a way of harmonizing.

Core Values

  1. Finish with Integrity We strive to finish every matter, interaction, engagement, deal, etc. to conclusion with integrity. This means that we should always be able to tell the whole story and not leave out a detail because we are ashamed.
  2. Compete with a Warrior Spirit We are competitive, and we want to win in everything we do. We can’t always control the outcomes, but we can control our preparation and the intensity of how we compete. We do our best and take pride in the effort.
  3. Embrace and Drive Change We accept that one of the certainties in life is change. We anticipate change and enact it before we are forced to accept it.
  4. Lead by Serving The most effective leaders are servants first. We expect everyone on our team to model a spirit of humility and gratitude toward others. It’s only after we serve that we can expect to lead.
Fourth… …you must attend our quarterly meetings. They are announced weeks in advance. These are after business hours during the week. We cater in a nice dinner, eat together, recognize special effort, celebrate our accomplishments, review our failures, and describe our plan for the next quarter. These typically go from 5:00 to 8:30ish. They are a fun part of our culture.
Fifth… …you must adapt to our training and technology. If you are not coachable (meaning if you already know it all), you would not enjoy working on our team. If you are not emotionally flexible enough to learn new technology, you would not enjoy working on our team.

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