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How Debt is Divided in Divorce

Just as far as there has to be a division in property in a divorce, there also has to be a division of debt. Make sure that you understand all of what the debts are and have an idea on how you would like to divide them.

How to Emotionally Survive a Divorce

While many think about divorce in a legal light, most forget the emotional struggles that come with that, for both you and your family. Ending a long time relationship creates negative feelings that we just want to bottle up inside, where it neither gets acknowledged or dealt with. Professionals in the field of psychology agree that doing this instead of dealing with these negative emotions head on create more problems in the long run, for both you and your children or family. Today, we hear about how professionals in psychotherapy can help both with the divorce itself and the emotional burden that comes with it.

The Science of Tracking Finances: The Job of a Forensic Accountant

Money is a struggle that we all face on a constant basis, and sometimes those struggles lead to a divorce due to a lack of openness about finances. In these situations, you want to be sure you are covered. Whether you believe your spouse has hidden finances or assets during the marriage, or if you have never handled your finances in the past and are worried about dishonesty, talking with a Forensic Accountant could potentially save you a fortune. Today, we speak with one of these professionals about what they do and how they can help during a divorce.

Things You Need to Do to Protect Your Assets After Divorce

Are you worried about protecting the assets you just won in a divorce? You should be. Everyone needs to make sure that they have enough insurance to protect against any loss, and planning for insurance after a divorce is a necessity. I talk to April Carlisle of Farmers Insurance and she talks about when is the right time to start working on insurance planning.

Tips to Dealing with Divorce

Divorce causes parties to experience a lot of emotion. And sometimes those emotions can become too overwhelming. Learn reasons why talking with a therapist can help you, and tips on how to cope with divorce in my conversation with Dr. Dawn Nelson of the Centre for Human Flourishing.

How to Find Money Your Spouse is Hiding

You never want to be taken advantage of – particularly by your spouse. This rule applies whether you are going through a divorce or not. If you are planning or going through a divorce and suspect that your spouse is hiding money from you, you have to begin the work of proving it.

How to Prove Your Spouse Forged Your Signature

Are you worried that your spouse forged your signature on a loan? Or a check? Do you want to hold them responsible but don't know how you can do it. Jane Lewis, forensic document examiner, can help your attorney prove a forged or fake signature for you. Learn how in this article.

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

A divorce is a time to look at your saving and spending. You need to know if you have enough money saved for your retirement and money to live comfortably. For many people, it requires you to acknowledge whether you understand your retirement plan or start creating one. Ann Massaro of DiDonato, Massaro & Associates talks about how a certified financial planner can help you!

Three Simple Steps

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