The One Question You Must Ask Yourself Every Single Day

by | Oct 25, 2017

Latrice Knighton is an award-winning divorce attorney, life coach, and speaker. She solves problems using her experience and legal knowledge to offer practical advice.

Nobody wants to make a mistake in life.

To avoid any possibility that we will make a mistake, many of us will not take any risks in our personal and professional lives.

The reason we won’t take risks is because we don’t want to jeopardize the things that we have or love.  We are afraid of experiencing loss.

But by not taking any risk, we are in a losing game.

The game of life requires you to take steps, make moves, and problem-solve any problem that comes your way.  If you don’t learn how to problem-solve, then you are not growing.

If you’re ready to achieve more of your dreams, you’re going to love this week’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll get the single most important question you must ask yourself each day to be able to reach your dreams.

What’s more, this same question is crucial to ask before you start taking any action at work, at home, or with your friends or family.  Consider this next question now and save yourself from untold amounts of stress.

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You get to choose the path your life takes.  My hope is that today’s show and every show will help you make choices that are aligned with your personal values and goals.

As always, thanks for reading, watching and adding your voice. You matter.  Your voice matters.

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