Importance of Servant Leadership in Family Law

Servant Leadership and the concepts of “Truth and Love” in family law can lead to attorneys and support staff being better positioned and motivated to serve the needs of their clients.

Servant Leadership in family law can lead to attorneys and support staff being better positioned and motivated to serve the needs of their clients. In this video, Anthony Karls, president of Sterling Law Offices describes how the concepts of “Truth and Love” create our version of servant leadership.

You may have already heard of Servant Leadership, a leadership philosophy introduced by Robert Greenleaf in his essay published in 1970. According to Greenleaf, Servant Leadership functions on two premises: “I serve because I am a leader,” and “I am a leader because I serve.” The goal behind Servant Leadership is to understand that by listening versus giving orders, or caring about the needs of one’s employees over their self-interests, leaders create employees who in their turn want to serve others.

You can imagine how Servant Leadership in family law can lead to attorneys and support staff being better positioned and motivated to serve the needs of their clients. People who are going through maybe the toughest time of their lives. At Sterling Law Offices, we go a step further and call this Truth and Love. Anthony Karls, president of Sterling Law Offices, explains “Truth and Love” as a balance between running a business based on the truth of effective processes and the need for profit and the love required to make sure the people involved are engaged, inspired, validated, and supported.

Employees that feel loved working in a business that operates on truth are going to be able to give more of themselves to their clients. The concept of “Truth and Love” starts from a leadership perspective. If leaders are not serving the teams for whom they are responsible, then those teams will not be in the best position to serve the clients. The reward of Servant Leadership or “Truth and Love” is that the leader is able to see the people they lead grow into the person they want to be, and in turn the leader is able to meet the goals that are important to their own interests.

Servant leadership is one of our core values at Sterling Law Offices. Everyone is expected to live out this value. We don’t believe that leadership is titled. Leadership is having the ability to influence others. Every employee at Sterling Law Offices is given the opportunity to influence others through how they act, communicate, and give of themselves to team members, and when appropriate to their position, to our clients in family law.

People that are able to balance the concepts of “Truth and Love” have the ability to be servant leaders. This is the kind of staff and attorneys we hire at Sterling Law Offices. “When we talk about truth and love, there is something required,” says Anthony, “That is transparency and authenticity.” Are team members able to be truthful and transparent with others about their role and the work that they are doing with others? Do they feel engaged and passionate about the work they do?

Creating a culture of servant leaders allows Sterling Law Offices to be different and innovative in family law. By creating a client-centered law firm, we are able to meet clients where they are and with truth and love, guide them through this difficult transition of divorce or paternity action. The better we are at serving our clients the more likely they will be able to get back to life and heal as they move forward.

Without servant leadership, we don’t become a client-centered law firm. Without “Truth and Love” we are unable to focus on the needs of others and work toward a common goal.

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