Meet Attorney Ellen Rhodeman

Attorney Ellen Rhodeman of Sterling Law Offices wants to help her clients get through the difficult transition of divorce, not just legally, but emotionally, as well. She wants them to truly feel heard.

Attorney Ellen Rhodeman of Sterling Law Offices tells us what is important to her when it comes to being there for her clients through this difficult time.

Sterling’s Attorney Ellen Rhodeman is not a stranger to the toll that divorce takes on the family. She grew up in the midst of a contentious divorce. For her, divorce isn’t the end, but a transition that she is dedicated to helping people through, so that they can effectively start the next chapter of their lives.

Ellen received her JD from Washburn University in 2013. While in law school, Ellen earned a certificate in Children and Family Law and worked in immigration and family law clinics. After law school, she worked as a civil litigator specializing in Family Law for the law firm Randall A Wolff & Associates in Chicago and Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Attorney Rhodman believes it is important for a family law attorney to be mild mannered, level headed, and calm. She believes that just as stress is infectious, so is being calm and it is important that she brings this emotional balance to the emotional charged lives of her clients as they navigate divorce. She wants to help her clients get through this transition, not just legally, but emotionally, as well.

Ellen is married and they have two young children. Outside of the office and court, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

When she is done working with clients, she wants her clients to feel as though she was there not just as legal counsel, but as an emotional shoulder to lean on. It is important to Ellen that she is an ear to listen and support her clients through what is likely one of the most difficult times of their lives. She wants them to truly feel heard.

For Attorney Rhodeman, the goal of helping her client’s through divorce is to help them transition with realistic expectations and craft workable solutions that meet their needs and helps the family move forward.

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I strongly recommend Attorney Genelle Johnson. I had other attorneys in a long custody battle who basically seemed indifferent to my conce4ns and actual outcome. Genelle truly cared about my case and the outcome and I'll tell you she is as tough as they come and very knowledgeable. She put me first and always answered my questions and concerns honestly, not just telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. She saved me alot of time, money and aggravation and I'm sure she'll do the same for you. If you're looking for an honest, hardworking and tough attorney, she's it.

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