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Enforce Wisconsin Alimony Orders

Hold an ex-spouse in contempt of court if alimony goes unpaid

enforce wisconsin alimony orders

If one either of the parties is found to be violating the marital settlement agreement, the party violating the order can be held in contempt of court. This type of action can result in fines and or jail time.

Depending on the circumstances the offending party may be required to reimburse attorney fees and other damages. In instances where one party is found in contempt of court fines are typically levied instead of jail time as the violations don’t warrant this type of punishment.

The first step in rectifying a situation where one party is violating the agreed alimony or family support order is filing a contempt of court action. Beginning this is easy if you already have an attorney, but if you do not have an attorney, any quality family attorney can help get a resolution.

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