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Get real clarity when it comes to how much your case will cost. You have enough to worry about. The anxiety of attorney billing is not something you need.

If an attorney cannot give you clarity on how much your divorce or family matter will cost, what do they really know? If you do something well for any period of time, you should know what it will cost.

You would not write a blank check AND pay a large retainer to an contractor with out a solid quote, would you? Then why do so many people pay attorneys $2500+ retainers and incur random $30-$1,500 bills each month without a seeming end in sight? This seems insane to us.

At Sterling Law Offices, we want to help you get past the anxiety of court without the addition anxiety of not knowing how much it will cost. We want you to call us when questions arise. Don’t question how much asking the question will cost by hiring another attorney. This is your family we are talking about.

Use the calculator and see the estimated high and estimated low on how much your divorce or family matter will cost.

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How We Help Clients

Collaborative Divorce

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  • Personal Collaborative Attorney
  • Non-adversarial Negotiations
  • One Quick Court Appearance at the End
  • Shorter Process than Litigation
  • More Affordable than Litigation
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Divorce Litigation

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  • Good during High-Conflict Negotiations
  • Personal Litigation Attorney
  • Good if Substance Abuse and or Domestic Violence is Present
  • Good when Spouse cannot be Found
  • Good when Mediation Fails or is not an Option
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