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Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce

Avoid the courts, control the process, end your marriage amicably.

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Collaborative divorce is a process where you and your spouse negotiate a settlement agreement with the help of a lawyer. Each party hires their own attorney, and the four of you will meet in order to reach an acceptable divorce agreement. In some cases, other professionals could be involved which include child custody specialists and financial experts.
This is right for you if…
…you and your spouse are able to still communicate, but are struggling with coming to an agreement on the details and you both want advice from an attorney.

This is really a great option when both parties still want to function amicably as a family for the children.

What’s included when you hire Sterling Law Offices

  • Clarity. You will get clarity on what to expect during the process and what your rights are under the law.
  • Direction. You will get clear direction from your attorney and guidance based on what you are asking the court to give you.
  • Support. Divorce is hard and dealing with the emotions of the divorce is not always easy. We will be a sounding board for you and help you face the challenges ahead.
  • Privacy. You will get the security of attorney-client privilege so all information shared is protected.
  • Everything Else.
    • Preparing your petition for divorce (court filing fee included)
    • Complete all necessary forms with your help
    • Drafting settlement agreements
    • Filing all forms and documents
    • Completing your final divorce decree

What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce?

  1. Collaborative divorce is more affordable and simpler than litigation.
  2. It takes place out of court in an informal setting.
  3. You both get to voluntarily exchange information.
  4. Negotiate a settlement agreement that works for you both.
  5. You can decide now how to handle post-settlement disputes.
  6. You’ll save time. A 2010 IACP study show 58% of collaborative divorces concluded in 8 months compared to 12-18 months for a traditional divorce.
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Why Collaborative Divorce Works in Wisconsin

Written Pledge NOT to go to Court

Before beginning the collaborative process, each spouse will hire a certified collaborative divorce attorney. Together you and your attorney build a team of certified collaborative professionals as determined by the circumstances of the case. After finding your collaborative attorney the first agreement you and your spouse sign is an agreement that you will not go to court. Rather you and your spouse agree to work diligently to resolve the issues outside of court together.

Both Attorneys Will STOP Representing Clients if the Written Pledge is Broken

As part of the written pledge to NOT go to court both attorneys, child specialists, therapists and financial advisors also sign the pledge. If this written pledge is broken all professionals involved in the case promise to STOP representing both clients. This is part of the process because if the pledge is broken both spouses will need to start from scratch. This pledge on the part of the professionals is a significant, absolute component of the process and the professionals involved in these types of divorce cases.

Open Exchange of Information between Parties

Another part of the process is agreeing to open, honest, voluntary disclosure of all financial and relevant information. This allows all parties to proceed in good faith as negotiations toward a final agreement. Due to this voluntary open exchange of information formal litigation tactics, such as discovery, depositions, written interrogatories are unnecessary. This also means attorneys are working collaboratively rather than argumentatively saving time and money in the process.

Best Interests of ALL Family Members at the Center

The collaborative divorce process requires to keep the best interests of the all family members at the center of the agreement. This means keeping the best interests of the children at the center of the agreement at all times as well as considering what placement schedules work best for each spouse involved to maximize each others schedule.

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