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Wisconsin Parenting Plan Template

Start discussing and documenting all the topics required by the court

Wisconsin Parenting Plan Template

Deciding who will get what during a custody and placement proceeding can get ugly if parents cannot come to an agreement. Click the download button below to get an idea of what types of decisions you will need to make. Prepare yourself mentally for the conversations so you know.

Remember courts like to start from the presumption of maximizing time with both parents. This does not mean equal time, but mean maximize time. Maximizing time considers where the child goes to school now, where the child goes to day care now, where the child lives now and how close influential family members (like grandparents) live. These factors matter when a court makes a judgement on custody and placement if parents cannot agree on a parenting plan. Put yourself in the best position to maximize time with your children and those influential members of their life to get the best possible outcome in a custody case.

Start a Parenting Plan

Co-Parenting Template for WIsconsin

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