Divorce can be a stressful process to go through. The proceedings will take a lot of your time and attention. There will be days when you will find yourself struggling with all the matters that need to be understood and taken care of. While your lawyer will always be there to work on the legal aspects of the case, you are the only one who can manage your personal needs. On days when you feel a lot of stress and exhaustion, all you've got is yourself. This is why it is necessary for you to try some de-stressing activities, such as mastering the art of yoga.

Lawyers in Milwaukee Wisconsin might suggest you consider enrolling in a healthy yoga class, or if you have a hectic schedule, you can still do yoga at the convenience of your own home. Just orient yourself with some basic yoga exercises that will enable you to experience instant comfort and relaxation. As claimed by experts, yoga can give more energy, strengthen your body, and give peace of mind and soul.

Mountain Pose

This is one of the famous standing yoga positions. To do this, you must stand tall with your feet together. You need to keep your shoulders relaxed and your weight must be evenly distributed through the soles of your feet. Keep your arms resting at your sides. Inhale and lift out of the waist, pressing the crown of the head up towards the ceiling, feeling the spine elongate. Exhale and drop the shoulders down and back as you reach the fingertips towards the floor.

Downward-Facing Dog

The first step for this yoga position is to do the mountain pose at the front of a yoga mat. By doing such, you will be prepared in perfecting the downward-facing dog pose. Make sure that your balance is evenly distributed as you gaze forward and spread your toes. Engage your abdominal muscles and bend over at the waist. Place each hand on the outside of your feet. You can either jump your feet to the back of the mat, or you can lightly walk them backwards. Continue to bend at the waste, creating a “v” shape, while facing the floor.  Do not forget to inhale and exhale evenly through your nose. You can stay in this pose for one to three minutes depending on your resistance. Bend your knees to the floor with an exhalation to rest.

Warrior Pose

To begin, stand on your yoga mat and place your hands on your hips. Turn your right leg and foot out by ninety degrees. Your right heel should be directly opposite to the inner arch of your left foot. Afterwards, turn your left leg and foot in by about forty-five degrees. Bend your right knee and make sure it is facing forward and not caving in towards your left foot. Just like in the two above-mentioned yoga poses, it is imperative that you keep your breathing in a good level so make sure to inhale and exhale as you find your balance. When done, the next step is to raise your arms above your head and bring your palms together. To deepen the stretch, lean back towards your left leg while your arms are overhead.

These are just some of the basic yoga poses that you can master at home. Taking some time out of your day for yoga exercises can certainly improve your mood as you work on the divorce proceedings with your spouse. You deserve a treat and yoga is absolutely free!