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When my son was born I was forced to move back in with my parents in order to make financial ends meet. Most of the financial troubles were for medical reasons as my son had some health complications early in his life. Now that my son’s mother and I are no longer living together, we will be going to court for child custody. I’m trying to figure out if it would help my case to move out and get my own place or if it would seem more stable if I go to court under the current living arrangements with my parents. Would the court take my parents criminal record into account even though they are not the parents? Neither one of them have felonies, but they both have past misdemeanor drug charges from when they were younger.

Family Law Attorney Response:

When it comes to child custody cases, the court is going to be most interested in what is best for the child.

There is nothing wrong with living with your parents if it means the child is in a safe environment. Without knowing your parents exact charges, it is hard to say. But if the charges stem from incidents that happened a long time ago and drugs are a thing of the past, then that shouldn’t be much of a factor. It boils down to providing safe and stable environments for the child.

One would argue that a child would benefit quite a bit from the love and support of grandparents who are active in his or her life.

To speak more to your question, do whatever is best for your situation. It is also important that you speak to a qualified family law attorney about the details of your child custody case. Your attorney will be able to help you weigh the benefits of both potential living arrangements and guide you with the best approach to take with your case.

If I can be of any other assistance, please give us a call. It would be a pleasure to answer any other questions.

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