When it comes to resolving issues or disputes between parties, the best thing to do is to settle it amicably or without the intervention of the court. It is important for both parties to understand that court litigation is neither cost-effective nor cost-efficient. At the same time, it is also takes months or even years before a court can issue an order or resolution. This is the reason why attorneys would first recommend to their clients that they enter into compromise agreements with the other parties.

The Filing of The Case
However, in cases where both parties cannot agree on matters without the involvement of the proper judicial or administrative body, then it may be proper to institute an action in a proper tribunal. In our jurisdiction, the judge or the jury is the one authorized to determine whether the case will proceed to the trial stage. The determination will be based on the briefs and memoranda submitted by the parties through their respective counsels.

What Is A Trial?
As defined in Merriam-Webster Dictionary, trial refers to the formal examination of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings. During the trial stage, a party will present their object, testimonial and documentary evidence to convince the court to rule in his or her favor. During this stage, the assistance of a lawyer is highly encouraged in order to ensure that a particular party is properly represented. Nonetheless, there are instances when the courts of law may allow a certain party to represent himself or herself.

What You Should Do During Trial
If you are required by the court to attend a hearing, make sure that you are present for the time and date set. Otherwise, you may be declared in default. As a result, the case may be decided based solely on the evidence presented by the other party. Take note that you can only be declared in default after the requirements for procedural and substantive due process are observed.trial

The choice of a law office in Waukesha, Wisconsin is important when your case goes to trial. The said attorney must know how to constantly update you with the progress of your case. At the same time, he or she must know the proper pleadings or motions to file in court while the case is pending or even when it is submitted for decision.