You marry the love of your life. You look forward to spending the rest of your days with him or her until one day, you realize that the marriage is going nowhere. When this happens, you may start to think of all the possible options available right in front of you. Of course, the first thing that needs to cross your mind is whether or not you are still willing to save the marriage. This decision needs to be well thought of in order to ensure that you will not regret it in the future. If you choose to make it work, then there is really no legality involved since all you have to do is to keep the love burning.

On the other hand, if your choice is to completely walk away from the marriage, you have to start looking for a lawyer who can give you a sound advice on all the legal remedies that you can avail of. One of the actions that you can file in court is for the annulment of your marriage.marriage ending in annulment

What Is Annulment?
Annulment is one of the legal remedies available to a party who wants to end his or her marriage with the other spouse. With this type of action, the filing party wants to declare his or her marriage as void. This means that once the marriage is annulled, it is as if it never happened.

Can I File For Annulment?
The most common misconception is that annulment can be filed at any time with any ground. However, the correct view is that there are only a limited number of grounds recognized under our laws. These are the grounds provided under the current statute:
• Marriage was celebrated between members of the same family;
• At the time the marriage was contracted, one of the parties was not of legal age;
• It has been shown that one of the parties to the marriage is impotent;
• One of the parties fail to understand and comply with the essential marital obligations; or
• The marriage has been contracted under false pretenses of one of the parties.

What Should I Do?
Hire the services of family law attorneys in Waukesha who can best represent your case in court. The lawyer will be able to explain to you if you can avail the remedy of annulment. In case that you have a sufficient ground to institute an action for the annulment of the marriage, the next thing to do is to present evidence to support your claims or allegations.