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My son is 15 and recently got caught for being out past curfew. He is a good kid who always stays out of trouble. When asked for contact information from a parent, he gave the information of a close family friend in hopes that I wouldn't find out. When the family friend showed up to pick up my son, she explained that she wasn't his mom. The officers made my son call me. He received a ticket for being out past curfew and was told that we would be receiving a court date soon for providing false information. What kind of charges could my son receive since he is a minor? Thanks!

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

The police officer involved that night is the one who determines the offenses for which your son was arrested. However, the district attorney is the one who will decide if and how your son will be charged. So, despite what the police officer said, the arrest does not mean that your son will be charged for providing false information.

To answer your question, the more severe charge could be resisting arrest. Providing false information qualifies as a misdemeanor crime; however, your son’s previously clean record and age could be taken into consideration. In that case, it is possible the charge could be as small as criminal mischief or even better a simple curfew violation.

Either way, you are going to want to speak to a criminal defense attorney so that you are put in the best possible legal position. “

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