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Thankfully, I have never been pulled over for a DUI. However, my friend was pulled over for a DUI last weekend and he was telling me how he was trying to be helpful to the police officer by answering all the questions the officer asked. This struck me as a poor decision. Is this really the right thing to do? What is the best strategy when pulled over and suspected of a DUI?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

This is a really good question and as a general rule of thumb, it is good to cooperate with officers. For instance, you should always cooperate with an officer on the basics of the situation. This would include things like providing your name, license, registration, and that sort of information.

If you suspect you are being investigated for something, including a DUI, you should politely request to speak with a DUI attorney as soon as possible. If you say anything else it can be used against you in court. Be polite and courteous, but don’t admit to anything without speaking to your attorney. Officers will often ask lots of questions because an admission will make prosecution easier. But it doesn’t benefit you at all. An experienced attorney is going to be your best bet to help you navigate through this difficult time. “

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