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In a recent study, 92% of teenagers reported that they use social media daily. The majority of that 92% claim they are on it “constantly.” And, this number does not differ much when it comes to adults. With the onset of smartphones, social media is at the fingertips just about anyone. When
looking at these statistics from a law perspective, it seems obvious to include social media usage into your practice’s media icons

Social media opens up tons of unexplored territories for law. With the blurring of mediums, like emails, videos, text messages, and conversations on iPhones, it is often up to the presiding judge to determine what is and isn’t admissible in a court of law. Whether there are boundaries, and what those boundaries would be, are still not entirely clear, which can create a problem in an increasingly tech-savvy world.

Social media shows no sign of slowing down, so it is up to lawyers to keep pace with it. Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts are likely to be involved in cases with growing frequency, and being unfamiliar with this new attorney landscape can cause major headaches for your firm.

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