Sometimes in law firm marketing endeavors, those involved may tend to overlook some of the simplest actions and focus on lengthy or expensive campaigns. However, this is not always needed, or even a good idea. In many cases, the outcome is nominal and the funds were probably better used elsewhere. Here are some simple facts about Twitter that may help you to market your firm more effectively, and without costing an arm and a leg. Twitter, for example, can grant you unparalleled access to people actively searching for what you are saying.twitter

Tweets can be a valued tool. Twitter is an excellent method of marketing your law firm because of one simple concept: Hash tagging. Hash tagging allows you to pin keywords or phrases to your sort and simple messages that results in targeted efforts. Audience targeting is of course a fantastic way to launch any marketing campaign, however, hash tagging allows the audience to come to you.

Instead of spending a large amount of cash on advertisement campaigns, a simple hashtag can mean the difference between wasted dollars, and marketing success. When it comes to hashtags, the only people seeing your tweets other than those following you, are those seeking that keyword or key phrase. If you hashtag the key phrase, #lawfirmmarketing, those that are actively seeking content based on that niche will find your tweet.

Another great aspect about using Twitter as an online marketing tool, is that sites like Mashable has found that tweets sent between 1pm and 3pm receive the most clicks. This kind of information allows you to plan your content and schedule regular posts. This is just the beginning. There are numerous sites, studies, and posts featuring the numerous aspects of using Twitter for business needs. With the wealth of information available, which is seemingly endless, using Twitter for viable marketing campaigns may prove vital.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

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