In every relationship, there are always moments of ups and downs. In some days, the couple would be perfectly happy with everything going on in their marriage. They would feel like they are a match made in heaven. However, there are also days when things would get worse and they would feel like they made the wrong choice in getting married. This could be a difficult time for the spouses wherein they need to discern whether or not it is right to save the marriage.Divorce sign

If you find yourself in this situation, you only have two choices – either to save the marriage or get a divorce. When it comes to making a decision, there is a need to take into consideration different factors such as the years that you have spent with the other spouse, the children in your marriage and the experiences you shared together. In case the marital problems are beyond redemption, the proper thing to do is to separate with your husband or wife.

Once you separate from the other party, it does not automatically result to the dissolution of the marriage. In the eyes of the law, it is simply a separation de facto and it still necessary to get a final decree of divorce if you want the marriage to be completely dissolved. Under the present statutes, a complaint for absolute divorce can be filed only upon showing that the parties have already lived separately for over a year. This is an indispensable requirement that must be complied with. A complaint for divorce by bed and board or legal separation may be filed by an injured party upon proof of the existence of one of the six grounds required by law.

In filing a divorce case, make sure that you hire the services of  an efficient divorce lawyer in Waukesha. This legal counsel will assist you in the proceedings. He or she can also help for the speedy disposition of the case and the timely filing of necessary pleadings or motions before the court. Your engagement with the lawyer must not be terminated until the final adjudication of the divorce case. The length of the hearing of the case may vary depending on the attending circumstances of each case. The judge will examine and study the case thoroughly before it may render a final decree of divorce. This is also in line with the due process clause provided in the Constitution.