– from Irene O. in Oconomowoc, WI

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My fiancé proposed to me in October. We set our wedding date for August 2nd and had everything booked. I found out last month he cheated on me multiple times. I broke off the engagement and now he wants the ring back. If he files a lawsuit, will it be enforced, or does the ring belong to me?

Family Law Attorney Response:

If your ex-fiancé files a lawsuit for recovery of the engagement ring, I believe you have a strong defense to maintain possession.

In the case of Brown v. Thomas 127 Wis.2d 318, 379 N.W.2d 868 (Ct. App. 1985), the plaintiff requested the defendant to return the engagement ring after the two broke off their engagement ring. The court of appeals decided that the ring (even though it was given as a gift and usually gifts are irrevocable) could be recovered if the party seeking recovery did not break off the engagement. However, if there is no clear answer of how the engagement broke apart, there cannot be a recovery.

I understand you broke off the engagement, however it was broken due to the other party’s actions. Give me a call to set up a consultation so we can create a strong defense on how those actions caused the end of the engagement.

Dan Exner, J.D.

Family Law Attorney

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