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I was hit by a drunk driver in an incident, that only by the grace of God, no one got hurt. The driver did not report the incident to the insurance company. He was arrested at the scene. When I called to report the damage to my vehicle his insurance company stated they wanted a statement from me over the phone, and they want to conduct an inspection on my car. I am concerned about giving a statement since I have read my articles on line saying not to do this. I was not injured, I just want my car repaired. If I refuse to give a statement to the insurance company can they refuse to pay for the damage on my car?

Personal Injury Lawyer Response:

If you refuse to give a statement and also refuse to allow the insurance company to conduct an investigation for the car accident they will close their file on the case and you will not be reimbursed.

When you give statements to insurance companies just tell them the truth. They will push you to give answers passed your knowledge to try and trap you to mitigate payouts, so be aware of their questions and if you do not know the answer tell them you do not know.

In an instance such as this we would suggest obtaining representation from a personal injury lawyer. Consultations are almost always free, and personal injury lawyers work on contingency agreements.

Some food for thought. When the insurance industry conducted a study that indicates once an attorney becomes involved with a personal injury claim the value of the claim doubles.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your car.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
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