When it comes to children, parents are always assertive with their rights. There is no problem if both the mother and father are in good terms. They can always take care of the child together, raise the child in a happy environment and provide the child’s needs. The controversy arises when one of the parents want to claim custody over the child by reason of their separation. Whether it is annulment or divorce, the family is always divided. The assets and liabilities of the spouses will be divided and the question on the custody of their child comes in to the picture.

The conflicts of the parents will always get in between them that often lead to failure in promoting the best welfare of the child. They do not realize that the more they fight over the custody of their child, the more that the latter may be affected. In fact, there are even cases where the son or daughter acts rebellious and chooses to go to none of his or her parents, according to a lawyer in Milwaukee.

Child psychologist with a little girl, a child is crying.

In child custody cases, it is really difficult for the contesting parties to come into an agreement. It seems like the battle never ends. This is the reason why a parenting coordinator must be present. The parenting coordinator can help both the parents to make better decisions involving the custody and welfare of their child. An effective coordinator can present the pros and cons of the possible outcome of a custody case to enable the parents to make wise choices. At the same time, he can also encourage the parents to enter into a compromise agreement wherein none of them is on the losing end.

The court may appoint the parenting coordinator to aid the spouses in discussing the custody of their child. Under the applicable laws of the state, there are only two instances when the judge may do the same. The first instance is when the parents agree and give consent that a parenting coordinator should be present in the custody case. The second case is through the court’s own initiative wherein the judge can appoint even if the parents do not agree nor give consent. This is only possible when the judge believes that the appointment of a coordinator can protect the best interest of the child.

In case you are having trouble with the custody case involving your child, you may consider utilizing a parenting coordinator. For a better judgment about this matter, you can always ask for legal advice from your lawyer. The presence of a parenting coordinator is appropriate in all type of custody cases.