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Mediation is one of the most common ways of settling disputes between parties who have opposing or contending claims against each other. In the process of mediating, both parties are given an opportunity to negotiate about some matters in controversy and try to come up with an agreement that are beneficial to both sides. The reason why mediation is made compulsory in our jurisdiction is because of the fact that the law seeks to promote the harmony between members of the same family. When there are legal issues among family members that need resolution, the best thing to do is to submit them for mediation

When a case involves disputes between and among members of the same family, the parties may be requested to attend a mediation proceeding. This can be done by sending them a notice to attend the said mediation. There is a need for the individuals receiving the notice to show up before the mediation board. It is mandatory; otherwise, the absent party’s interests will be more likely not protected as opposed to the other party who shows up.

Another effect of not complying with the notice sent by the court is that a certain party may be held in contempt. It must be noted that there is a need for the individual summoned by a court of law to comply with its order. This is provided for under the law in order to ensure that the objective for administration of justice is achieved.

In a Notice To Attend Mediation II, it is indicated whether the mediation is for custody/visitation orientation or for a simple a mediation session. It is addressed not only to the parties concerned but also to their lawyers who are recorded in the court as the representatives of each side. The notice contains the time, day and place for the mediation. There is also a provision in the notice that prohibits any of the party from bringing their children.

If you have more questions about mediation proceedings, it is best to talk to your attorneys in Waukesha WI . They will be able to make you understand about the important matters concerning the mediation. Always remember that the purpose of this type of closed-door negotiation or settlement is to protect the members of the same family from airing their dirty laundry in public. If you can settle the disputes privately, then there would be no need to undergo the ordinary court litigation that exposes you and the other family members to the public.