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 – from Anna O. in Hales Corners, WI

Question Details:

I was recently pulled over for speeding a was then arrested for DUI. I was not given a breathalyzer until we reached the police station 2 hours later. Once given the breathalyzer I blew a .197. I know I should not have been driving, but I was not out of control drunk. I passed the sobriety test and want to know where to start to beat this DUI charge.

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

Your best place to start is to hire a DUI attorney. It will be hard for you to beat the charge on your own.

A good DUI attorney will know how to conduct a through investigation on your behalf. At times DUI evidence and testing can be done incorrectly, which eliminates the evidence.

When we work with clients charged with a DUI we research the officers who conducted the breathalyzer test to ensure they are certified in conducting breathalyzer tests. We research the breathalyzer testing equipment to ensure it was throughly maintained and tested for accuracy. We also research the arrest process to ensure your rights were not violated in the process of arrest.

.197 is a high BAC (blood alcohol concentration), which will not sit favorable for you. Our best advice, in situations such as you describe, is hiring a DUI attorney. They will give you the best chance to reduce the charges.

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