Exciting Things to do in Milwaukee

Every once in a while, you would always plan to have some time to enjoy and relax, take a break and get away from all the stress from work, home and school. Sometimes you have the money to take a long trip, order and buy plane tickets and get to take a look at thousands of attractions. However, all of these may cost you a lot of money but if you live nearby in the Midwest, there is one beautiful city that might get your attention. Spend your week-long break in Milwaukee.

Every year, thousands and millions of people spend their time going to the greater Milwaukee and these people come from all over the world for several of reasons. Whether you visit the place for a business conference, visiting family and friends, attending the world’s biggest music festival or you just want to enjoy the natural beauty of Milwaukee WI. Once you step into the city, not only will you be greeted by the beauty of the city but also with the warmth of the people.

There are so many things to do in Milwaukee that you will surely enjoy when you spend a few days or weeks of your vacation in Milwaukee WI. Hiring a car rental is probably a good choice as there are just so many attractions and surrounding cities that would definitely be a shame to miss all of them. Here are some of the events and day trips that you will enjoy when visiting the city:

  1. If you are going to Milwaukee in the summer time, better get ready for the biggest music festival of the Midwest called the “Summerfest”. This music festival was started by Henry Maier in 1968 and each year, about one million fly over to attend and enjoy the music festival. Numerous music artists have also graced the city and enjoyed the event including Foreigner and Stynx, Panic! At the Disco, Def Leopard and Gym Class Heroes.
  2. Aside from “Summerfest”, you’ll get to find numerous free outdoor concerts happening almost every night. This event features a diverse assortment of bands from famous local cover bands even to classical ensembles. Go on ahead to Humboldt Park and enjoy free music at its finest.
  3. If you are a sports enthusiast and loves baseball the most, you can come and visit Miller Park which is the home to Major League Baseball Milwaukee Brewers team. Though they may not be the number one baseball team, but the important thing for them is that they are dearly loved by their fans. First-time and even long-time spectators equally enjoy the stadium’s retractable roof, the very affordable game ticket and parking prices and of course the nice selection of food they have. Some of the other Milwaukee sports that you will get to see live are Basketball, Ice Hockey and Indoor Soccer.
  4. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball at the same time relaxing by the Bradford Beach which is the place to be in Milwaukee during summertime. This place is also a good choice for sailing, jet skiing, freshwater surfing and windsurfing. Milwaukee sports have never been this exciting and fun.
  5. Another one of the Milwaukee sports that you will surely enjoy is to go kayaking. This is a great way to view the city from the river level. Kids will also have the opportunity to learn how to handle the paddle boards, pedal boats, kayaks and canoes and paddle along Lake Michigan.
  6. Milwaukee is also a home to a wide variety of competitive road running events. The biggest running event would be the Al’s run which is an annual fund-raiser for the Children’s Hospital in honor of Al McGuire.
  7. A recent addition to the various lines of Milwaukee sports is the Roller Derby. The city has been home to the Brew City Bruisers, a women’s Flat Track Derby Association Roller Derby League since 2005. The League’s teams have been competing in various local events, as well as in national league events across the United States.
  8. Next stop, Milwaukee Art Museum. If you enjoy looking through artistic designs, then this is the perfect place to go to. This building was created by Santiago Calatrava who is famous for his futuristic style which is called the “New Millennium Era”. If you also have a thing for German Expressionist art, Georgia O’Keeffe has also some work on display to show visitors.
  9. Traveling to Milwaukee with your kids is not only a great idea but they will surely enjoy every moment of it. Take them to the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum where they will not only have fun but they also get to learn all about the human anatomy, play musical instruments and enjoy playing with the animals.
  10. Aside from the children museum, you can also find the Milwaukee County Zoo. Camels, Hyenas, African Lion cubs and a Leopard Shark are just a few of the animals that you will get to see at the zoo. They also cater to various events such as Halloween Trick-or-Treat spectacular that happens every year.
  11. A lot of tourists say that the Harley-Davidson Museum is worth your money paying a visit even if you are really not a big fan of bikes. The exhibit includes a gallery that showcases the evolution of the company’s motorcycles. At the museum, you’ll get to see more than 450 motorcycles as well as artifacts dating back to the oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever.
  12. Don’t go home and leave Milwaukee without a little piece to remember the city. You can find a lot of souvenir shops for every travelers of every type all throughout the city. Choose from shirts, glassware and other great brewing memorabilia.

Milwaukee WI is not only considered to be the largest city of Wisconsin but it is also without a doubt, the most exciting city. There is so much to do, to eat and do in Milwaukee that you cannot afford to not go and explore it. The best time to go and explore Milwaukee is during the summertime where the weather is great. A week-long vacation may not be enough for you to visit all the different places, eat all the delicious food and enjoy the beauty of Milwaukee.