Awesome Milwaukee Restaurants

Any individual, who wants to experience the grand slam grandeur of visiting Milwaukee will definitely have to pass by the Milwaukee restaurants, hotels and other attractions in the city. There are many reviews online about what attractions to visit in the area, whether explore the Wisconsin German – Polish heritage, or visit one of the amazing museum attractions. To get a true Wisconsin American experience in Milwaukee county you need to do what the population of Milwaukee does and visit one of the best restaurants in Milwaukee that surround the lake park and history Milwaukee has to offer. They entail finely honed culinary foods and imaginative building designs along with the City’s historic sites make it perfect for restaurants.

La Fe Café – Milwaukee, WI
You will be astonished by this little Gold mine of an array of Mexican food. There are only a small number of Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee and this is definitely one of them. You will get to enjoy the American Plate Combo, which includes the Enchilada, Tostada, Burrito or the prevalent local delicacy the Pork Tamale-which is scrumptiously homemade. What’s more remarkable is the reasonable prices that this restaurant charges for its exotic delicacies

Gyro Palace – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Located in 5308 S. 27th Street Milwaukee this family run restaurant serves up some of the most scrumptious Greek Cuisine using Greek Recipes that have been handed down through many generations. The term gyros typically is a special combination of beef and generously cooked lamb and served together with Pita Bread festooned with freshly copped tomatoes, onions and special sauce served on the side of the dish. Gyros palace is considered as a convenient location, which occasionally serves up rare lunch specials can be easily acquired at any time accompanied with specially made salads. Shoppers can have the Gyros supreme-a gyro plate with feta cheese and copped peppers and cucumbers, or the Beef shish kebab-small chops of well-marinated beef together with pita bread and freshly chopped onions and tomatoes along with a sauce served up on the side.

Alderan Coffee – Milwaukee
This beverage gem of a restaurant is located in 1560 N Water St, Milwaukee WI 53202,it’s on the first floor of the flatiron building on the corner of North Water Street and East Pleasant. Inside is an expansive 1,450 square foot space that leads the city and its visitors to the restaurant. Remarkably enough are the friendly prices that this restaurant offers, for five dollars you can enjoy at least two cups of some of Milwaukee’s best coffee. The restaurants wooden tables and the peculiar hand designs area handmade by Co-Founder Daniel Neumann. They source up some of the best ingredients to make up their syrups and coffee is served up from a wide variety of roaster within the U.S. The restaurant offers myriad forms of syrups, including local favorites such as the French Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla, or the salted caramel syrups. Furthermore, aside from their in house syrups, Alderaan Coffee makes homemade Almond Milk and fresh pastries that can be delivered in the morning.

Franks Diner – Milwaukee WI
This has always been considered a local sensation, Anthony Franks, who served up the well-known Bella Lugosi, Duke Ellington and the Liberace long time ago, founded the prefab railcar style restaurant. The current owners took over from the second set of owners just recently and plan on leaving the restaurant as it was before. Franks diner is famous for its big hashes of potatoes, green hot peppers, jalapeños and a multitude of beef to choose from. A full garbage plate meal contains four eggs, and the half plate has two and you can have as much as four meats in one or opt for the all vegetarian. The atmosphere within the restaurant matches the quality of service offered, too.

Solly’s Grille – Milwaukee, WI
This sassy restaurant has been served up some of the most delicious burgers. located in 4629 N Port Washington Rd, Milwaukee WI 53212, the service counter diner styled restaurant had been making some mouthwatering desserts and homemade pies that are bound to make you come over and over again. moreover you don’t feel like pie at the end of the dinner, you can have the fruit chocolate malt-which is very refreshing and light on the belly.

Whilst this restaurant might not have a bar, they do serve up a range of sodas their across the street neighbors, the Sprecher brewery. The burgers are slowly well cooked than grilled. Their sinful buttery burger have a velvety feel on the mouth and you’ll require more than one napkin in between bites, you can order the super solly cheeseburger,1/4 ground patty sirloin served with stewed onion and Canadian cheese or the cheese head burger, other of their signature sandwiches, which is made of Swiss cheese and ¼ pound patties topped with freshly chopped onions and stewed mushrooms.

Wolf Peach – Milwaukee Wisconsin
the restaurant which is located in 1818 N Hubbard, the restaurant under is executive Chef, Dan Jacobs is well known for its eatery made from its expansive garden and freshly locally grown vegetables. The restaurant entails a bar setting that helps underscore its 6,000 pound wood-burning oven, as well as the glass windows that provide a incredible bird eye view of the city.

The menus is includes well prepared pickles, hot sauce peppers and scrumptious appetizers including the parsley and sea salt marrow. In addition, they also have salads, which have fresh vegetables including the Arugula, Onions, Tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette as well as wood roasted cauliflower with Marissa cheese.

There is also the staple delicacy which is the wood fired pizza and wreathed in a variety of tongue licking flavors ranging from handmade sausage with fennel, parmesan and lamb meat also. Furthermore they also serve up diner special which includes fresh fish and vegan choices, as well as special dishes like the breaded beef loin charred fennel pollen, chide and radicchio brown butter.

Sanford – Milwaukee
This high-end restaurant and upscale restaurant is located in 1547 N Jackson St, Milwaukee, WI 53202 and has been serving up some mind-blowing dishes. Most these meals are accompanied by fine exotic wines and the local’s favorite the seven course choice menu. The inside of the restaurant is well spaced such that there is no overcrowding when its tables are full. Visitors can have the famous morels, which taste like steak and will just melt in your mouth, or the rare 15-year-old cheese served as topping for the Burk and lamb meal. This high-end restaurant has some of the best staff members who are experienced professionals. They know every last detail about just anything in the restaurant. As the first of your pre dinner meal, you and have the lamb sausage and hot sauce, adorned with other rare exotic seasonings that give it a unique taste.

Anyone who loves traveling and eating must definitely pass by Milwaukee restaurants. Most of them have bivalve centric menus and the convivial atmosphere that is offered by the city makes it a worthwhile experience.