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 – from Amanda C. in Addison, WI

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I was convicted of a DUI in late 2010 in Milwaukee, WI and was sentenced to 5 years of probation by the Milwaukee County Courthouse. I am currently going to automotive school and a DUI will affect my employment options upon graduation. I would like to have the probation dismissed as this was my first encounter with the law and there was no property damage, injuries, or minors present. How likely is it that I can get the conviction off my record?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

Unfortunately there is little room in the law to get a conviction dismissed. A DUI lawyer will NOT be able to remove the DUI conviction from driving record. It WILL stay on record for ten years. Also your DUI will be used to increase any future DUIs committed within ten years of your DUI offense. As far as employment goes you must disclose the conviction.

Being convicted of a DUI charge is harsh and leaves marks for years to come. If you are charged with a DUI it is best to hire a DUI lawyer who is experienced with DUI charges. It can make the difference between living your life without the burden of a DUI conviction for 10 years.

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