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I was pulled over for crossing the median while driving past the Milwaukee Repertory Theater and was cited for a DUI. I know DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. Do penalties differ between the two, DUI and DWI or is it just a matter of the substance taken?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

In general the answer is no.

Different states use different names for “drunk driving” charges. In Wisconsin and Illinois drunk driving is a DUI charge; however across the country in Oregon it is DUII (driving under the influence of an intoxicant). The penalties for each state differ slightly, but for the most part the penalties and penalty guidelines are roughly the same.

If this happened recently and you have not yet faced the court system you should contact an experienced DUI attorney. They will work with you to minimize your case and ensure your rights were not violated during your arrest. Many times officers are overzealous and do not follow proper sobriety test guidelines.

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