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I was held for questioning in Milwaukee at the District 7 police station off of Fond du Lac Ave. None of the officers read me my rights. Is this a good thing for my case?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

Really what this means is you were not arrested while you were being held for questioning. If you were arrested none of what you said can be used in court against you.

The more likely case is they did not have enough evidence to arrest you at this point. Police question individuals to build cases against them. If you are innocent tell the police to arrest you or you are going to leave. They will need to make a decision at this point.

If you are arrested tell the police you want to speak to your criminal lawyer, this will put you in the best legal position. If you opt to talk with the police, they will pick apart everything you tell them to try to build a case against you. Be cautious, let a lawyer protect your rights.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
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