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I was walking in downtown Milwaukee and was hit in a cross walk near Veterans Park by the lake. I want to file a personal injury claim as I have medical bills and PT as a result of the accident. I do not know where to start the process. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Personal Injury Lawyer Response:

Glad to help. More facts are needed from this car accident, such as a police report, witness reports, and the drivers ticket (if they received one). To start there are some general guidelines to improve your chances of recovering compensation.

  1. Avoid making statements to the driver's insurance company. Adjusters are paid to minimize claims and will use anything you say to effectively reduce payouts.
  2. Seek prompt medical care and keep copies of all your medical bills.
  3. Keep track of time you missed work. If you are missing work, ensure a doctor is signing off on the missed work days.
  4. If you choose, hire an attorney to represent you. A personal injury lawyer will only charge you if you win your case.
  5. NEVER settle your case until you are fully recovered.
  6. There is a time frame required to file a claim. The two year statue of limitations will run out if a claim is not filed.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

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