There are a plethora of methods and strategies when it comes to marketing your firm. Understanding what makes your firm appealing by audience targeting will vastly improve the attractiveness of your practice.

Social networking should always be at – or near – the forefront of your marketing endeavors. LinkedIn is a valuable tool when it comes to law firm marketing. Regularly take the time to endorse others that you have worked with, and those that you admire in the industry.

Take the time to regularly post to a Facebook business page, or other social media outlet business pages. Post about accomplishments, milestones, or any other noteworthy events that might motivate a prospective client to inquire about your services. These posts are also noticed by colleagues in the field. Mentioning something that stands out to them may help keep you in mind when it comes to a referral.

Never criticize a company or an individual through social media or blog posts. These individuals who are not doing as well as they should may be suffering from issues that may require the aid of an attorney or firm. Constructive criticism can be a good motivator, but be sure only to address the issues generally, not a company or individual directly.

Keeping up with your city’s business publications is a fantastic way of staying abreast of the legal needs facing local businesses. This also helps as a research method when it comes to audience targeting. By understanding the legal needs that are not being addressed locally, you can focus your marketing efforts towards addressing those needs

When you or members of your firm are looking to join groups, be sure to choose groups with less attorneys. While a group of attorneys is a great way to set up your firm for referrals, appealing directly to individuals who can endorse you or your practice through word-of-mouth is invaluable.

Focus on marketing the services you prefer to do, not the services you need to perform. Begin setting yourself up for your future successes, not a drudging daily routine.

Before attending any business event or professional-social function, always request a guest list. Assess the list and identify those you would like to meet with. By doing this, you are able to move swiftly through the crowd, knowing exactly who you are aiming to socialize with at every turn. It avoids the “meet-and-greet” guessing game that usually accompanies these functions. You can even ask the staff to introduce you to these individuals in order to avoid any uncomfortable or awkward situations.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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