An important aspect of marketing your firm is remaining genuine. People know a sales pitch when they hear one. In the digital age, consumers have access to information that was nearly impossible to obtain a decade ago. With the onset of social media and information sharing, it is easy for a potential client to find out what they need to know about your firm. Make it available. Let clients leave feedback on your firm. Welcome client feedback on your firm’s social media outlets. Welcome questions by potential clients by featuring a Q&A on your website. Stay vigilante in keeping up with technological changes, and use these changes to your advantage.people thinking about social media

There are a multitude of options in law firm marketing. Some of these methods include:

  • Get involved with social media. According to ‘Mashable’ law firms should send tweets between 1 and 3pm EST for the highest visibility. There are companies that can post for your firm at the times you request. Be sure to have accounts named as your firm, instead of individual attorneys in these cases. That way, it does not appear that attorneys are tweeting during court trials.
  • Never underestimate the power of persuasion. Posting on a company blog explaining why a lawyer is needed for a broad range of cases is always a good idea. Sometimes people do not understand why an attorney would be needed in certain circumstances. It is your job to explain to them why they do.
  • Make yourself seen. Attending bar association events are a good way to make that happen. Lawyers refer clients to those they know. Networking within these circles will give you an opportunity to make new acquaintances. By appearing at these events regularly, you are more likely to catch referrals. Be sure to give them, too. This relationship building goes a long way.
  • Believe it or not, volunteer work can boost revenue. Volunteering within legal groups throughout your community will increase your reputation. Create a cycle where each individual in your firm spends time doing this. This reputation goes a long way in securing future clients. It provides your firm with a dedicated and caring personality. A firm that is known to give back to their community has a higher success rate in securing clients from that very same community.
  • Volunteer to speak at ‘continuing legal education’ seminars only when you believe you have a topic worth speaking about. Try to time it to ensure that the seminar will be attended by a descent crowd.
  • Google analytics. Installing this on your website will assist you with understanding which queries brought an individual to your website. It also assists you in determining frequently searched terms. Then, you can add these terms on your website to help draw more potential clients. Never underestimate the marketing ability of good SEO.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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