Many firms spend large sums of money on marketing efforts. However, much of this money is wasted if the marketing tactics are not focused. Marketing is an area which should rely on audience targeting. Understanding and knowing who your clients are should befit any and all marketing endeavors. This focus should be divided between your audience, and your firm’s specialties. If your firm is well-rounded, then dividing your marketing efforts into categories will also assist you by keeping your efforts organized. It will also help to keep track of efforts that are paying off, and efforts which should be revised. It must always be taken into consideration that fruitful marketing efforts take time, and consistency. This requires patience.

  • Reminders are essential, not a secondary effort. Creating a newsletter is a great way to stay in contact with current and past clients. It keeps them informed of current news, changes being made to the firm, and other relevant information clients may find useful or interesting.
  • Meet with potential sources of referrals. Select several potential sources for referral each week and meet for drinks, coffee, or lunch. Keeping this routine ensures your firm is the first on their mind. Making this a regular routine will not help when business gets slow, it will help to ensure business does not slow down to begin with.
  • Blogging on your website is also a fantastic way to target a wider audience. Keep the information interesting and useful will demonstrate your firm’s competency and personality. These blogs should focus on the diversity of your services, allowing you to focus your marketing on your target audience for that specific service.
  • Diversify your firm’s handling of reaching out to clients. Send more than just Christmas cards. Send birthday cards, New Year’s cards, or other holiday and event greetings to demonstrate that your firm is unlike any other. Create inventive ways and reasons to contact clients, past, or current. Never pass on an opportunity to upsell, or miss out on a potential referral.
  • Be more than a firm. When meeting with potential clients, address their immediate needs. Do this even when it has nothing to do with your services. If the potential client mentions they are looking for a good chiropractor, refer them to one that you know personally. Step outside the mold, and you will be thought of first when it comes to the services you do provide.
  • Organize a monthly get together for associates of practices that offer services that differ from yours. Include other professional you or your associates may know. Getting involved with a larger network greatly increases your firm’s visibility, and offers a much greater chance of gaining referrals.
  • Get involved with your community by sponsoring certain social groups or activities. Sponsor a little league sports team, or an event at a local V.A., or hospital, etc. Take these opportunities to illustrate your firm’s commitment to your neighborhood, city, or state.

Getting involved in local events, becoming involved with a larger network, and spending time with potential referrers will greatly improve your firm’s visibility. Making your firm to stand out and demonstrating a commitment to your friends and neighbors, will ultimately allow your firm to see an increase in clientele.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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