Couples who fight over the custody of their children are often confused with what they are claiming or alleging in their pleadings. This is the primary reason why the assistance of a legal counsel is highly needed. It is to assure that the rights of the parties are protected and that all their claims are properly alleged. One of the most common confusions concerning the child custody dispute is with respect to the type of custody that a particular parent wants. Some mothers and fathers confuse joint custody from sole custody and vice versa.

How To Settle Custody Disputes
It must be noted that there are two ways of settling disputes arising from the issue of child custody. The first one is through an extra-judicial settlement in which the parties enter into a negotiation phase to come up with an agreement concerning the custody of their sons or daughters. The second one is through court litigation in which either parent comes before the judicial tribunal and submits the issue for the judge to resolve.

What Is Sole Custody? What Is Joint Custody?
Under our jurisdiction, there is really no strict distinction between the two. The delineation arises only on how the parties or the judge give meaning to the words “sole” or “joint” custody. In an agreement or a contract, the parents may give their own meanings for “sole custody” or joint custody” in the same way that the judge may also give his own interpretation for the said terms in a court order.child custody disagreement

What You Need To Do
When it comes to the settlement of issues involving child support, there is a need to hire the services of family lawyers in Waukesha who can assist you either in the negotiation phase for the custody agreement or court litigation for the award of custody. In either case, the attorney will be able to take care of the legal matters concerning your case.

Between the two types of settling the dispute for child custody, entering into an extra-judicial settlement with the other party is more preferred than having to go through court litigation. The former is less time consuming and costly as compared to the latter. In case you decide to enter into a contract with the other parent, make sure that your legal counsel is with you during the negotiation process. This is important for the preservation and protection of your rights, as well as your children’s interests.