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– from Harry Q. in Lisbon, WI

Question Details:

The court ordered me to pay child support. I missed a few payments as I was in between jobs, but as soon as I found a job, I continued to make payments. However, the court put interest on my late support payments. Why is there interest if I proved to continue to make payments?

Family Law Attorney Response:

Thank you for your question.

The court of appeals in Greenwood v. Greenwood 129 Wis.2d 388, 385 N.W.2d 213 (Ct. App. 1986) discussed interest on child support, stating the purpose of providing for interest on unpaid child support is to encourage timely payments of current support for the benefit of the child and custodial parent and to provide some compensation for recipients who are not timely paid.

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Dan Exner, J.D.

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