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I just moved from Illinois to Wisconsin. About 40 days ago I was convicted of a DUI in the state of Illinois, and my drivers license was taken away. Since I am now a Wisconsin resident can I get a new drivers license from Wisconsin or does the DUI follow me from state to state?

Criminal Defense Attorney Response:

At the time you establish residency in Wisconsin you can apply for a drivers license. In Wisconsin to become a resident you must live in Wisconsin for at least 30 days and obtain a state ID card. To obtain a state ID card you must have the following proof:

  • Paycheck with your employer's name and address from the last 90 days
  • A utility bill from the last 90 days (water, gas, electricity, cable or internet service)
  • Mobile phone bill from the last 90 days
  • A bank statement from a bank/financial institution from the last 90 days

On the application to obtain a Wisconsin drivers license it will ask you for your driving history in other states. The application will be checked against several national databases to validate your information.

When you answer truthfully about your DUI your application will be denied. If you misrepresent the truth the Secretary of State will likely order a new revocation of your drivers license for fraud. This will appear alongside your DUI conviction and hurt you significantly in the long run.

If you talk with a DUI lawyer they would explain the best strategy would be to finish the requirements of your DUI to clear your suspension.

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