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After a very long divorce process – what seemed like forever – I have officially been divorced for 4 months. I’m not quite ready to take the marriage leap yet but I was wondering if there’s a certain amount of time that I have to wait before I do remarry?

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Hi there. Thanks so much for visiting the site and asking quite the common question. I'm sorry to hear that your divorce lasted so long and hope that it wasn't too trying on you and your family. Hopefully now that it's over, things are much better for you.

Now to your question – the answer is yes, there is absolutely a time period that you have to wait after a divorce before remarrying. That time period is six (6) months from the date of your divorce and it is put in place with some pretty good intentions. This waiting period is in place – in case of reconciliation during that time period. Sometimes after a divorce has been finalized, spouses realize that they made a mistake and no longer wish to be divorced.

The waiting period makes things a lot easier if a change of heart were to occur. In instances like this – it is possible for the divorced couple to go back to the judge and have the divorce vacated.

Good luck with everything going forward, and if you need additional advice contact us via phone or email.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
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