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I have not told my husband yet, but I want a divorce. We both live under the same roof here in Wisconsin, he is not abusive or an alcoholic or anything, I just feel that we are not meant for each other. We were married after only 6 months, and now I know it was way too soon. He works full time in sales, and he makes good money. I only work part time at minimum wage. I feel like I am trapped. I don't have any family here, no friends, no where to go. I'm just not sure what my options are? I want to divorce my husband, but I can't support myself. How will this work?

Family Law Attorney Response:

I understand situations like these can be tough.

There are many variables and things to be considered. For one thing, obtaining a temporary spousal support order would be the first step. However, this would also depend on how long you two have been married. If it is three years or under, a court is not likely to award temporary support. If this is the case, you would want to start seeking full time employment, and making a plan of self support. Next, would be residence.

Again, if it was a short marriage, it may be difficult to be awarded the home until the final divorce order.

However, there are many variables and conditions which you may receive these temporary orders. The best thing for you to do, is to seek a family law attorney and schedule a consultation. This way, you will be better able to provide all of the details. An experienced lawyer may discover a certain detail that could mean all the difference.

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