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My ex called me the other day to inform me that the divorce was completed. I don’t get how it can be official since I never saw any documents and certainly didn’t sign any paperwork. Doesn’t there need to be a court date? I haven’t been told about anything of that nature. I looked online at the court records and sure enough, it shows us as being divorced. How could this happen and what do I do? My “ex” wife hasn’t told me anything. Is there anything that can still be done?

Family Law Attorney Response:

I’m very sorry to hear that your ex wife has made this so difficult for you and I'm sure you're feeling emotional and like an outcast. But let me do my best to help you out.

Without knowing more, my best guess is that the divorce was granted by default, which occurs when the opposing party doesn’t show up for court. But as you stated, you were never served any notice of the court hearing. The first thing you need to do is contact a Milwaukee divorce lawyer and explain all the facts. There is a very limited time to have a default case set aside, so it is important you don’t delay. Most likely you’ll need to prove that you were not properly served in advance of the court date. It can be tricky proving such a thing, but an experienced divorce lawyer will be your best asset.

I hope this helps make this confusing situation a little more manageable. Give me a call if we can help you further.

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