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Marketing can sometimes be a widespread endeavor. However, all too often marketing efforts become thinly spread in order to cover numerous areas. This is sometimes proven to be wasteful of efforts, and provides little in return. Focused marketing methods ensure that primary areas are covered completely, thus, maximizing your efforts – and your returns.

Focused marketing is exactly as it sounds, it focuses your efforts on one area at a time. This concentration allows you to better gauge the results of your marketing efforts, so you will know what is working, and what isn’t.focused marketing graphic

To begin this campaign, you will need to do some demographic research. This is done in order to find who your primary clientele is. Some firms cast a net out hoping to catch some business, but this is not lucrative in the long run. Focusing on a select group allows you to target those who would be in greater need of your specialized services.

Every attorney has at least one specialty, and the rest is to pay the bills. What many do not realize is, is that these clients will come regardless as long as your firm is out there. The specialty services you offer is where you should be placing your marketing efforts. This is where the demographic research comes in. It provides you with a breakdown of each community, median income level, and line of work. This is where you focus your marketing.

For example, if you specialize in family law, you wouldn’t market your firm to the corporate sector. You would market your firm on a community level, focusing on areas with daycares, families, and schools. Marketing in these areas would not imply advertising per se. It would simply mean making your presence known, and further making it known that this is what you or your firm specializes in.

Focused marketing methods assist by eliminating wasteful spending or wasted efforts in marketing by spreading your firm out too thinly. Focusing your efforts and budget on specific areas and clientele will also allow your firm to gauge its marketing efforts more precisely. Market the services you wish to practice, and leave the rest behind. They will come whether you want them to, or not.

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