There are many things that may change once you have decided to get a divorce against the other spouse. Worse things can happen in your lives especially if the other party starts to threaten you in many ways. One of the most common situations between separated couples is having fights concerning child custody. This problem may become worse when one of the parents places the child under his or her custody to the exclusion of the other. The worst situation is when the said parent starts to keep the child away from the other parent wherein visitation rights become impossible to enjoy.

Talk To Your Lawyer
If you see yourself in a similar situation, the first step that you need to do is to talk to your custody lawyer in Waukesha. Inquire on all the possible actions that you may file against your ex-husband or ex-wife in order to ensure that you can get the child who was unlawfully taken from you. Take note that when it comes to child custody cases, there is a need for court intervention if both parties cannot come into an agreement as to who among them should place the child in his or her own dwelling. In most cases, the judge usually grants joint child custody to both the mother and father. However, if there are instances which warrant a sole custody, then only one of the parties will be declared as the custodian parent.parents fighting over child custody

Try To Communicate With Your Ex
Communication is the key to a peaceful co-existence with your ex-partner. Try to talk things through with your former spouse and come up with an agreement on how you can share custody over the person of your minor child. As much as possible, it is better to settle the issue among yourselves rather than allowing a judge to rule on the child custody. Aside from it will take so much of your time, it may also cost a lot of money because of the fees that may be required in the course of the proceedings.

Keep Your Child Safe All the Time
For failure to settle the differences between you and your ex-spouse concerning the custody of the child, the next thing that you need to do is to ensure your child’s safety wherever he or she goes. If possible, hire someone who can watch over him or her while you go to work. It is important that your child must be protected at all times especially if there are threats for abduction or kidnapping that the other spouse may commit.