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I want to file a divorce with my husband. I plan to look for a job but have not been employed for a while. Will I receive any type of maintenance?

Family Law Attorney Response:

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As discussed in Bentz v. Bentz, 148 Wis.2d 400, 435 N.W.2d 293 (Ct. App. 1988), courts are prone to giving out limited-term maintenance which is maintenance for a short period of time subject to the party receiving a job and her employment status.

The following is what courts consider in regards to limited-term maintenance:

  • the ability of the recipient spouse to become self-supporting by the end of the maintenance period at a standard of living reasonably similar to that enjoyed before divorce
  • the ability of the paying spouse to continue the obligation of support for an indefinite time
  • the need for the court to continue jurisdiction regarding maintenance

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