Effective marketing solutions for your law firm can set your firm aside from other local firms. They can make your firm stand out and become more noticeable, putting you in the forefront of conversation when it comes to representation.

An effective model for marketing, is pursuing target clients. There is a multitude of ways you can make this happen. You can join trade associations in order to attend functions which will put you in front of potential clients. The trade associations you join should reflect heavily on individuals – or industries in which you specialize in. This can be as simple as asking current clients which associations they belong to, if any. Once you find the information you are looking for, let them know you would like to attend one of their functions, and possibly become a member.

people welcoming someone new into a trade associationJoining trade associations will provide you with ample opportunity to network. Ask your current client if they wouldn’t mind introducing you to some of their friends or board members. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, and a “happy to be there” smile. Remember, this is your chance to sell yourself, as much as your service.

Pursuing target clients does not include surprise calls, or showing up unannounced. Do your research, and find a reason to be where you need to be. Become a supporter of local charities, a sponsor for a local little league sports team, or attend local city meetings. Become active in your community. Demonstrating that you are active locally will not only put your firm out there to become noticed, it will also put your face out there to be recognized. Become part of the community you represent, and clients are sure to follow.

Another aspect, no matter what methods you choose for your personal marketing engagements, be sure to have a plan. As you are formatting your plan, write everything down. You have a personal life to contend with, as well as your business life. Make sure to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas. Make a list of trade associations you need to join. Make a list of local charity events to support. Make a list of local little league sports teams to sponsor. If it fits within the budget, purchase some new uniforms or equipment and donate them to the team. Remember, parents are potential clients, as are the other local businesses which also sponsor gaming events.

In addition to keeping a written plan of action, log everything you have already done. Take notes while you are doing them, or have someone with you that can. Keeping track of what you are doing can show you what is providing your firm with a return on your time. Keeping everything you are doing logged goes hand in hand with sticking to marketing methods you can measure.

Lawyer Jeff Hughes from Sterling Law Offices, S.C.
Jeff Hughes, J.D.

Managing Partner

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