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In the plight to effectively market your law firm, there are numerous ways to gain business that are all too often overlooked.

One effective marketing method, is extracting more files from current clients. These clients already provided your firm with their business. They trust your firm, and continue to do business with you. Spending more time with these clients may provide you with more opportunities to do further business with them. Attempt to find out more about their lives and what they do. Remember, even small endeavors add up when this is done with each of your current clients.

This effective marketing solution also enhances your current client relationships, improves satisfaction, and builds trust. This evolves into a long-term relationship. Understanding this process in depth will give you the leverage to help your current clientele in more areas of their personal lives – and their business lives.shaking hands

This endeavor is also something tangible. It is something you can measure. Incorporating measurable marketing methods allows you to actually see where your efforts are most effective. This method will allow you to measure its effectiveness by gauging your returns. Time is money, so spending your time wisely should offer a healthy return.

Another fantastic effective marketing solution, is referral cultivation. This method goes hand in hand with current client file extraction. As I’ve said before, time is money, so utilizing your time effectively should yield significant returns. Besides, there is nothing like face to face marketing. You get to sell your services through selling yourself.

Cultivating referrals does not happen on its own. This is done through spending time with current clients and finding out more about their lives, both personal and business, and leveraging your ability to be of service. Besides, they may not know you would welcome new clients unless you tell them. Another aspect is to be specific about the work your firm specializes in, letting them know what kind of work your firm is looking for.

Clients are not, however, the only way to solicit referrals. Networking provides many opportunities for referrals. Getting together with colleagues throughout other industries is an ample opportunity to let them know you would be interested in new clients. Networking also does not have to end with colleagues. Attend public functions and meet new people. Letting them know who you are, and what kind of case work your firm is interested in doing can go a long way.

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