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Law firm marketing solutions revolve around a multitude of business development strategies. Discovering which activities are right for your firm may mean the difference between sustainability and growth, or struggling to make ends meet. One factor that seems to go unnoticed, is face-to-face contact with potential clients. This one marketing strategy can drastically change your firm’s client roster, as long as time is not wasted by partaking in the wrong activities.

Most marketing experts agree that a law firm should typically spend approximately 2 ½ percent of their total gross income on marketing endeavors. This money should encompass taking prospective clients out to lunch and other related activities. This is referred to as direct marketing. This form of business generation requires more than money, it requires time and planning.marketing infographic

Another marketing strategy many firms are not employing, is video. Creating a YouTube channel can go hand-in-hand with your current social media techniques. Placing one of these videos on your website is another great option. The reason for this, is that most people today use technology in a way that brings them the most information. Yes, a detailed website and a blog are fantastic choices, but the inclusion of video provides the prospective client with the most sensory satisfaction. They now know what the attorney looks like, they hear his or her voice, and they can get a feel of the attorney’s personality. They can better gauge whether the firm is a right fit. This also gives the attorney an opportunity to be in more places at one time. They have an opportunity to sell themselves – and the firm’s services – to a larger audience.

Make sure your money is being spent well. One way to ensure your money is going to the right place, is to employ marketing you can measure. Blogs are a great example of marketing strategies you can measure. You can track how many times it has been viewed, or by the comments left. It can sometimes take a while to start seeing the impact it is having. However, by continually adding blogs to your website, search engines like Google will count it as updating. Therefore, your website will gain rank through the relevancy factor. Even if your blog is taking a while to catch on, search engines will still prioritize your website, giving it much more exposure to those that are searching for services that your firm offers.

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